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Finalize your studies with a small advantage and thus be able to anticipate your entry into working life. How to navigate well in your first job? Get coached from the place that suits you best. If necessary, e-coaching, the ideal solution for those who cannot travel.

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À propos de l'événement

Personal, Professional, Student Coaching

  • Coaching is the individual support of a person in order to optimize their professional practice as well as the development of skills, know-how and efficiency.
  • Coaching is part of a dynamic of change to help the person achieve - as far as possible - one or more predefined objectives.
  • Coaching is a process of individual interviews based on a collaborative relationship to allow the person to develop their potential and increase their level of performance.

  • Some themes

    • 'Preparation' is 90% of success.
    • How to introduce yourself in 30 seconds.
    • How to properly manage a meeting, an interview, ...
    • Learn to manage the height of the 'Stool'.
    • Know how to give importance to things.
    • Identify and deal with 'Objections'.
    • Clearly differentiate between 'Justification' and 'Explanation'.

    The approach

    • Absolute respect for professional secrecy
    • Make an initial diagnosis of the situation,
    • Set and accept ambitious but realistic goals
    • Understanding 'Wants' or 'Possible Difficulties'
    • Listen
    • Rephrase with a positive orientation
    • Ask relevant questions
    • Prepare the accompaniment
    • Always look positive
    • Stimulate people's creativity
    • Find coherence and alignment of words ​​

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