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Our expertise

Expertise & external audit

The audits are mainly carried out on the interoperability of the departments.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

  • Impartiality

  • Directory of existing procedures

  • Controls on the application of procedures

  • Risk analysis

  • Recommendations for improvements

  • Action planning

  • Ensure not the implementation of actions (avoid conflict of interest) but the monitoring of their implementation.

The missions can be decided for a global audit or for a thematic audit.

Integrity, relevance and consistency of information

The main operational departments are:

  • The purchasing department and, if necessary, stockpiling

  • The sales department and if necessary the deliveries

  • If there is, the management of stores and stocks

  • Interfaces and the accounts

  • IT services

To know more

As an example, here are the different topics that can be addressed for the IT department.

  • IT function - point of view of General Management and IT Department.

  • Computer Studies - User implications, how studies are carried out: analyzes, files, prototypes, ...

  • IT projects - Strategic plan, master plan, choice of projects, project management, tools, methods.

  • Operational Applications - Production, backup, maintenance, error correction.

  • IT Security - Internal, external

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

For each mission, the following 10 points should be considered.

  1. The Engagement Letter which covers the themes for which an audit is required.

  2. Mission planning

  3. The commercial proposal

  4. Conduct the mission with the inventory of facts

  5. Conduct interviews to supplement the facts collected

  6. Drafting of the audit report

  7. Presentation and discussion of the audit report

  8. Suggested improvements

  9. Action planning

  10. Monitor the implementation of actions.

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